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Pregnancy Treating Thrush Naturally 

Thrush is a common problem during pregnancy. It’s caused by changes to the ph of the vagina allowing an overgrowth of Candida albicans, a fungal bacteria, and it’s totally normal. It hasn’t been found to have any long-term detrimental affect to baby or Mum aside from how incredibly irritating it can be!

Protecting your Fertility with Herbs

When I treat patients from menarche to post natal I always think about how to protect a woman's fertility. Not just for their ability to conceive children but for their ability to conceive ideas too.

Bleeding on the Full Moon

It's ok to bleed on the full moon. It doesn't mean you're not at your peak health. It doesn't mean you're un-natural. At most all it means is that you might feel more erratic, more irritable, more moody, if that's how you're already feeling. The full moon will energise whatever you're feeling.

Pregnancy | My Top 5 Herbs

One of the first things you learn when pregnant is a long list of things you shouldn’t do while pregnant. This includes foods you shouldn’t eat and medicines you can’t use. It’s hard to know what you can use and it’s easy to feel like there’s nothing you can do during pregnancy but soldier on. Here are some herbs I love to help women with during their pregnancy.

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