1:1 Treatments

Expert help for your hormone health, from the very first period to the very last with our qualified and experienced medical herbalists.

Endometriosis + Adeno
Hot flushes
Hormonal breakouts
Perimenopausal complaints
Adrenal fatigue/burnout
Irregular cycles
Hormonal Migraines

If you’ve been diagnosed with a condition or are struggling to find natural answers for an undiagnosed problem our herbalists are here to support you to wellness.

With the help of stress management, a natural diet and medicinal herbs you can start to find hormonal balance again. We will give you the tools you need to live free from fear of your periods.

We all know that true hormonal balance can't be achieved in one appointment. That's why our treatment plans are a 14 week long all-inclusive package.

It's designed to take all the confusion out of finding natural answers to your hormonal health. If you're unsure this is for you, be sure to apply for a free chat first.

Results From Previous Patients

What is Herbal Medicine?

What to Expect from our Treatment Plan

In week 1 we will go through your entire health history to understand your story, and set your aims for treatment. You will start your bespoke herbal medicine prescription as soon as your practitioner has prepared it.

In week 2 we will analyse your diet and create personalised meal guidelines for the following weeks. Each appointment includes a review of your herbal remedies as well.

In week 3 we will look at how you spend your time and what effect this has on your nervous system. Your practitioner will give you lifestyle tips for balancing out your stress.

In week 4 we will draw your attention to the bigger patterns of your health over your lifetime. Recognising your triggers, what symptoms are your warning signs and how menstrual cycle awareness can help you know when to take action before problems arise.

After having taken herbal medicine for 6 weeks now this is our first chance to really see what effect it's had on your periods. Making any changes if necessary.

In week 10 we introduce more steps to improving your diet and lifestyle if needed and make sure you're able to put our recommendations into practice. We'll also review your herbs.

This is your final appointment. In this appointment we will review if you should stop taking your herbs now or if you need some more time with them. Some patients need ongoing care which is discussed during this appointment and paid for in an adhoc basis after that. But many patients are able to sign off with all the tools they need to carry on in good health.

Results From Previous Patients

What you get

4x 60min consultations
3x 30min consultations
Up to 1400ml of medicinal tinctures*
7 lots of postage and packaging for your prescriptions
Up to 4.5x hours of research and dispensing time

*occasionally we might use particularly costly ingredients or preparations which are charged on top. You would be made aware before this was done so you can choose to opt out for budget reasons. We will always make sure you've got herbal medicines to last the duration of your treatment.

Payment Plans

14 week treatment plan £993

1 payment of £794.40 (save 20%)
3 monthly payments of £291.90 (save 10%)
12 weekly payments of £82.75

Meet the Team

Natasha Richardson, founder of Forage Botanicals, no longer takes patients herself. Instead she works with a carefully picked duo of women’s health specialists who have the same qualifications as she does. We believe that the connection you have with your practitioner is key to a good working relationship which is why Natasha feels confident that these practitioners will suit your needs. Make sure you request a free 30min chat to discuss your problem with one of them so you can feel confident too! 

Sarah Lederman

Sarah Smith has been a herbalist since 2012 and since then has qualified as a masseuse (in which she practices fertility massage) and as a doula too. She is passionate about women’s embodiment and specialises in menstrual wellbeing such as endometriosis, PCOS, and fibroids.

Jo Farren

Jo Farren has been a herbalist since 2006 and since then has qualified as a doula as well. She is passionate about empowering women to have births they are proud of and specialises in fertility, pregnancy, birth and post-natal care

Free 20 Minute Chat Application

During this session with one of our specialists you’ll discuss what your aims are, what you've tried in the past and where you're getting stuck. They’ll let you know if we think the package suits your needs and if we'll meet your aims within its set time frame. If we don't think it’s right for you we'll recommend a colleague or other self-help actions you can take first. Whatever the result you'll definitely be heading in the right direction.