Natasha Richardson - 10/10/22

Christa D'Souza Menopause Interview

Ican't tell you how much of a buzz this interview with Christa gave me. We started pondering menopause and inevitably discussed how to age in western society. She gave some really fascinating insights on aging from her experience of having an Indian Dad who moved to the UK. Her book on The Menopause is a fantastic look at a variety of opinions when it comes to menopause and how we can deal with it. She shared with us her own journey with HRT and cancer too. We conclude that if attitudes to the ageing woman shifted to something more positive, a lot of the suffering many experience in menopause could be improved. Christa is a British journalist, writing for the likes of British Vouge, The Guardian, The Sunday Times. She authored her book The Hot Topic in 2016 and more recently Menopause: The True Story in 2022. We have a video available or you can download the audio and listen on the go.

The Video Interview

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