The Hormone Harmony Collective

Guided Group Coaching

Anxiety/ Depression
Endometriosis + Adeno
Hot flushes
Hormonal breakouts
Perimenopausal complaints
Adrenal fatigue/burnout
Irregular cycles
Hormonal Migraines

Are you tired of feeling at the mercy of your hormones? Welcome to a transformative journey that empowers you to take charge of your well-being, no matter where you are in life. Introducing "The Hormone Harmony Collective" the comprehensive course designed to address hormonal imbalances naturally and effectively, guided by experienced herbalists who understand your unique needs.

Who's it for?

We understand that not everyone can invest in personalised healthcare plans, which is why we've created a solution that's both budget-friendly and immensely effective. We only allow up to 18 people join so that you still get the personalised advice and attention you need for the best results. Previous patients/students have come with problems such as infertility, anxiety, endometriosis, cycle irregularities and more.

Normally we can’t treat people outside the UK because our herbalists make their remedies and post them out, in this group coaching progam you’ll be guided in making your own remedy to acquire wherever you’re living. This is especially good for people in Europe and the USA.

What is Herbal Medicine?

The Power of Personalised Herbal Support

Led by a team of seasoned herbalists, "The Hormone Harmony Collective" empowers you with the knowledge and tools to alleviate your symptoms using bespoke herb blends you’ll create under close guidance. Our approach is personal and compassionate: each participant receives an individualized consultation with a herbalist to kickstart their journey. And throughout the 6-month program, you'll benefit from the collective wisdom of not just one, but two dedicated herbalists during group calls.

Say goodbye to confusion about your body's signals. With The Collective you'll gain a deep understanding of the meaning behind your symptoms. Our expert herbalists will unravel the reasons behind your hormonal chaos and guide you through natural remedies that work. You'll also learn how simple yet impactful changes to your diet and lifestyle can amplify the healing process.

Why Choose The Collective?

🌿 **Big Results on a Budget:** Access the guidance of qualified herbalists at a fraction of the cost of one-on-one consultations.

🌿 **Tailored for You:** Receive individual attention through an initial private consultation, and benefit from the collective wisdom of group calls.

🌿 **Global Reach:** Exclusive access for those outside the UK to receive recommendations from our experienced herbalists. Best suited to those in the northern hemisphere as group calls usually fall in the evenings GMT.

Results From Previous Collective Members

What you get

Week 1 - 20min call with Jo or Sarah to go through your goals before group calls begin.

Then group calls will follow this pattern:
Week 2 - Diet
Week 3 - Lifestyle
Week 4 - Herbal Concoctions
Week 6 - guest speaker
Week 8 - catch up
Week 10 - guest speaker
Week 12 - catch up
Week 14 - guest speaker
Week 16 - guest speaker
Week 18 - catch up
Week 20 - guest speaker
Week 21 - catch up
Week 23 - guest speaker
Week 25 - final catch up

Guest speakers will be scheduled once everyone's needs have been unearthed in week 1. We like to do it this way so that each Collective is different and customised to your needs. Previous speakers have included experts in Endometriosis, Nutritionists on the topic of skin, and Mindfulness practitioners on breathwork. It very much depends on the people who join.

The first 4 weeks and catch up calls will be on a Tuesday evening.
Guest speaker times can vary but recordings are always provided.

Meet the Team

Natasha Richardson, founder of Forage Botanicals, is so thrilled to have her incredible team of herbalists running this edition of The Collective. Having worked together with Jo and Sarah for years now, treating hundreds of women's health patients, she knows you're in the most capable of hands.

Sarah Lederman

Sarah Lederman has been a herbalist since 2012 and since then has qualified as a masseuse (in which she practices fertility massage) and as a doula too. She is passionate about women’s embodiment and specialises in menstrual wellbeing such as endometriosis, PCOS, and fibroids.

Jo Farren

Jo Farren has been a herbalist since 2006 and since then has qualified as a doula as well. She is passionate about empowering women to have births they are proud of and specialises in fertility, pregnancy, birth and post-natal care

Invest in Yourself

You can't fill from an empty cup as the saying goes.

Join a community of like-minded women on a journey to unlock your body's innate balance. We're not just educators; we're friendly professionals who understand and care. Your path to hormonal harmony begins now.


6 month plan £540

1 payment of £432 (save 20%)
3 monthly payments of £162 (save 10%)*
6 monthly payments of £90

*paid in the first 3 consecutive months of the program

Payment Options

1 payment of £432 (save 20%)

3 monthly payments of £162 (save 10%)*

*paid in the first 3 consecutive months of the program

6 monthly payments of £90

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