Affiliate Scheme for Menstrual Educators

We want to support high quality menstrual education in schools and beyond for the next generation 

“Half my period education at school was from a sales rep for tampax.

(In fact, most period education in the USA was via a video by Disney and Kotex from the 40s to the 70s). They came and showed us all the products, large, and small pads, pads with wings and without, tampons with applicators or not. For decades period education has been in the hands of hugely unethical companies.

Unsurprisingly, this tampax rep didn't tell us what to expect from a normal period. So when we got period pain we didn’t know what to do other than take a painkiller, and maybe the contraceptive pill.

Since then my research into the contraceptive pill has shown that most young girls start the pill because of a period complaint, rather than birth control. This doesn’t deal with the problem, it just saves it for later.

We’d like to see schools offering better education not only on anatomy and physiology but also on how to deal with common complaints, that’s where we come in”

- Natasha

We want to support you!

How it works

We use software called Uppromote to manage our affiliate scheme. You'll first apply below, once you're accepted you'll recieve an email from us saying so along with how to set up your account and get your unique affiliate link. This link will be what you need to have any sales you make tracked and attributed back to yourself. But we don't only provide a link for sales, we also offer you a discount code so that you can purchase products to use in your demo kit when visiting schools and other teaching venues.

What you get

Your Demo Kit
Forage Botanicals can provide a set of our products, depending on what you’d like to demo for 70% off our RRP. We will give you a free copy of Natasha’s book Your Period Handbook to use as a teaching resource. We will support you in demonstrating our products by offering free training on our ingredients and how to use each item you choose.

Your Sales Commission
Not only do we want to help you bring natural answers to the next generation but we also think you should be compensated for your time and efforts with an affiliate code. This unique code will enable you to take 20% of any sale of products that you make.

  • 20% commision on the sales of our products
  • Digital marketing assets
  • 70% off items for your demo kit
  • Personal training on products via zoom
  • A free copy of Your Period Handbook
  • Ongoing technical support from our qualified team of medical herbalists, for all those tricky questions

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