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Period Pain | Herbs & Home Remedies

I have never been persistent enough with self-treatment to get the results I wanted so I actually saw a herbalist. Within 3 months I was having totally painless periods for the first time in years. Incredible. Here are my top tips that I used alongside my prescription that will help you with yours.

Candied Elecampane

Over the last few weeks I'd been reading a lot about Elecampane. I wasn't researching it it just kept coming up. I grow two plants in my garden so I thought I'd better harvest some and get better acquainted with it. It's a gorgeous plant which grows as tall as me with a large yellow flower in the summer time.

Cleansing with Cleavers

Cleavers is probably one of the most commonly found herbs which I use in my dispensary. It is wonderfully sticky thanks to it’s minute velcro-like-hooks and you may have stuck it to friends when at school.

Plant Dye Magic

I recently had an enquiry from Rebecca Desnos, a plant dye crafter. It went like this: I'd love to know more about some of the plants that I use for fabric dyeing. What traditional medicinal properties do they have and what do you like to do with them? These are some of my favourites dye plants, along with the colours that I get from them. I'd love to know what therapeutic value these plants have.

Thrush | Home & Herb Remedies

Thrush is an itch you can't scratch, at least, not in public. It's a common complaint my patients have. The recurring irritation, itching and pain that it causes can go on for days if not weeks. I'm very lucky that I've only had it a few times and it was so long ago I can hardly remember it. But I remember the itching. 

Interstitial Cysitis & Bladder Pain Syndrome | Herbs and Home remedies 

The trouble with syndromes is that they are often viewed within the blinkered perspective of the reductionist model of the body. This means that when they say ‘or other pathology’ they most likely mean pathology relating to the urinary system, when in fact PBS might be caused by a pathology in other areas of the body like the immune system, digestive system or reproductive system.

Home remedies for cystitis that actually work!

Cystitis is one of the most common infections a woman can get and one of the most painful. If you've ever had cystitis you won't need reminding of the sharp searing pain of a bladder infection. I used to get them far more frequently before I trained as a herbalist than I do now. Normal course of action for me was to take antibiotics to deal with the infection which would invariably destroy my gut flora and leave me vulnerable to thrush...

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