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3 herbs to help mood swings

This is an opinion piece. The emotional benefits of these plants can be achieved with flower remedies, teas or alcoholic extracts of the plant. I would recommend consulting with your health practitioner before using them as a tea or tincture though as these herbs may not suit you. Flower remedies or homeopathic remedies of these herbs will be perfectly safe though.

A while ago I asked you to help me out with something, and help you did. You filled out a form to tell me what bothers you most about your periods. The results of which helped me put together the new version of my course Joyful Periods. Mood swings was the second most common problem you guys mentioned. So I thought I'd write a little something about the topic. Let's learn about a few herbs that can help.

1. Agrimony to help the tortured cheerful. There's nothing tortured cheerful about a mood swing. But they often come about as a result of hiding your emotions the rest of the time. It's best to talk rationally about what's upsetting you as it comes up rather than let it fester and bubble up out of control during a mood swing.

2. Hyssop is a herb for the throat. It helps you to speak your truth. I'm a big believer in better out than in. Mood swings rarely come out of the blue. They can be a great opportunity to get something off your chest. You do yourself a disservice when you sweep it under the rug and excuse yourself for your outburst as if it were a small fit of madness. Hyssop will help you communicate clearly after having identified that which is bothering you with Agrimony.

3. Chamomile is great for relaxing but it also helps you to take a childlike view of your world. To see the fun and joy in life and become more playful.