The Forage Botanicals Podcast

Episode 2 - Marigold

The second episode of Listen looks at the medicinal properties of Marigold (otherwise known as Calendula). This herb is famously used on the skin but it's also great medicine for internal problems such as healing the gut. We gain some real insight from the members of Listen too and have a great chat with herbalist Darcey Blue from Sacred Wildness. If you have any questions following the podcast please do ask them below. You can purchase Marigold from Neal's Yard.

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Sacred Wildness website.

Sacred Earth Medicine instagram.

You can find Marigold in Radiance our tincture for glowing skin.

You can find Marigold in Soothe + Comfort our tea for a happy bladder.

Disclaimer: Don't forget to consult with a medical professional before using herbs as medicine. The information provided in the podcast is not intended to be used as medical advice.