Stress Test Results


Turns out you could do with some Liquorice. You're mid-level stressed (also called adaptation, stage 2).

You've become so accustomed to being stressed you don't even feel it anymore. But that doesn't mean it's not affecting you. You probably struggle to sleep or feel like you never get enough. You may notice that you are always reaching for sugary treats too.

 Liquorice is an adaptogen that helps you to rejuvenate when you're going through long term stress. It increases stamina and nourishes the digestion. It helps shift a bad cough too! This herb shouldn't be taken if you have high blood pressure though as it could make things worse.

To get the most of this herb you'll need a teaspoon of the root in a cup of boiled water, infused for 5mins and taken 3 times a day. But if you want to make life a little easier Liquorice can be found in our Premenstrual Peace drops. Another adaptogen is Ashwagandha which can be found in our Rested Resilience.

Always consult your health practitioner before trying a new herb.