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Period Problems

Is PMS an Ilness?

"PMS is a chronic condition experienced by menstruating women which is characterised by distressing physical, behavioural and psychological symptoms that regularly recur during the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle ( from ovulation to the onset of a period) and that disappear or significantly diminish by the end of the period (menstruation)". OR IS IT?

What causes a heavy period?

Heavy bleeding really sucks. The constant worry of it seeping through your clothes, that weird hot flood of blood when you stand up, the extreme lethargy!  Many women end up too scared to leave the house as a result. But how much is too much?

Period Pain | Herbs 2

Being brought up in a family that never talked about menstruation it came as a shock to me when my periods finally arrived and brought with them all manner of inconveniences, simply buying sanitary equipment was an embrassesment to me as a teen but the pains that often accompanied my bleed were awful. It is one of the reasons that I became a herbalist, caring for and nurturing our bodies with herbs could be something that we are taught about in schools.

Missed or Late Period: What To Do

Don't panic! Unless of course you think you might be unexpectedly pregnant. In which case, panic and pee on a stick!*

Endometriosis & Adenomyosis | Herbal Pain Killers

Most people with endo and/or adeno will at some point wonder if the pain killers they take so frequently are OK to take so much. The trouble is, there isn't any natural pain killers available over the counter in a pharmacy in the UK. Many women will need something stronger than the pain relief herbs can provide safely.

Fibroids Herbal Tea

Fibroids are an extremely common issue.  There are reports of up to 25 percent of women in their reproductive years having fibroids, but in reality, there are far more whose symptoms are undetectable or haven’t been reported.

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