The Forage Botanicals Podcast

Episode 4 - Lime Blossom

In this episode we talk about the medicinal value and qualities of Lime Blossom (Tilia cordata) with Lucinda Warner. Lime blossom is well known as a relaxant in times of stress but we talk about some lesser known uses including how it can be used for rosacea. Lucinda is a British herbalist and we talk a lot about some special preparations I hadn't thought to use before. As always, it was a wonderful interview to do and I learnt a lot and I'm sure you will too. If you have any questions following the podcast please do leave them below. Or if you have a more private inquiry you can always email me. You can purchase Lime blossom from Neal’s Yard Remedies.

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Bract: a modified leaf or scale, typically small, with a flower or flower cluster in its axil. Bracts are sometimes larger and more brightly coloured than the true flower, as in poinsettia.

Cordate: a term used in botany to describe a heart shaped leaf.

Dosha: In Ayurvedic medicine each of three energies is believed to circulate in the body and govern physiological activity, their differing proportions determining individual temperament and physical constitution and (when unbalanced) causing a disposition to particular physical and mental disorders.

Pitta: Is one of the 3 doshas in the Ayurvedic tradition of medicine. "Kapha types have a strong build and excellent stamina. Large, soft eyes; smooth, radiant skin; and thick hair are also important Kapha characteristics. Those who are predominantly Kapha sleep soundly and have regular digestion. But when Kapha builds to excess, weight gain, fluid retention, and allergies manifest in the body." -

Kapha: Is one of the 3 doshas in the Ayurvedic tradition of medicine. "The Pitta dosha controls digestion, metabolism, and energy production. The primary function of Pitta is transformation. Those with a predominance of the Pitta principle have a fiery nature that manifests in both body and mind." -

Vata: Is one of the 3 doshas in the Ayurvedic tradition of medicine. "If Vata dosha predominates, movement and change are characteristic of your nature. You tend to always be on the go, with an energetic and creative mind. As long as Vata is in balance, you will be lively and enthusiastic, with a lean body." -

Disclaimer: Don't forget to consult with a medical professional before using herbs as medicine. The information provided in the podcast is not intended to be used as medical advice.