The Forage Botanicals Podcast

Episode 16 - Borage

I've known Marcos Patchett for a long time. I knew him before I was even a herbalist. He has always inspired me with his blend of science and astrology in equal measure.

There has recently been a voluntary ban taken by some, but not all, professional associations in the UK affecting a long list of herbs. Some of the herbs which many herbalists have had to stop using include Borage and Comfrey. It all comes down to the fact they contain pyrolizzidine alkaloids.

In this podcast Marcos explains why voluntary bans based upon the toxicity of isolated chemical constituents could be a dangerous path to walk down. The thoughts of Marcos in this podcast are his own and do not represent any other organisation he works with. They also do not represent my own thoughts on the matter. I hope you will join us in a discussion using the comments below this podcast.

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Pyrrolizidine site

Marcos' sickle cell research project

To Note

An additional note from Marcos where our recording broke down: upper toxic threshold known to cause hepatotoxicity is 0.015mg per kg body weight. 

Disclaimer: Don't forget to consult with a medical professional before using herbs as medicine. The information provided in the podcast is not intended to be used as medical advice.