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The Power of Togetherness

The desire to come together on varied occasions and connect with our friends, family, groups, community etc is culturally celebrated across the globe Some of you may well have already before heard that what I’m about to say next;

In truth we are all connected cosmically.

I’d like to expand on this, mainly to explore a link of how this could be possible.As individuals (but not separate) aspects of the cosmos, we contain, express and manifest according to the same laws such as;

Contraction and expansion, heat and cold, fusion, destruction, density, speed, rhythm, chaos, magnetism and repulsion.

These energies indicate that transformation is ever present. They are in fact symbiotically related to one another. However perhaps not always perceived as so, when observed in isolated scenarios.

I recently watched a talk that highlighted the patterns of the universe. The speaker, an astrophysicist, described how the more simple the elements, the more potent the energy. As energy becomes more complex it becomes more fragile.

For instant a star contains an immense amount of energy within its centre in the form of very high temperature gas. As the star transforms over time, other denser elements are formed. Within this process some parts are recycled back into the environment where it will fuse together with younger stars containing higher amounts of elements with heavier materials.

Similarly within a universe the central star contains vast amounts of very high energy and heat. Further away you find planets with less energy and more elements and density. The earth has a vast amount of elements and complex life forms (incase you had n’t noticed) Its a fragile environment for a variety of species including humans. The very possibility of our earth within existence is awe inspiring. Especially when we compare it to the rawer environments of our neighbouring planets and stars.

Western astrology draws upon the qualities of the planets and stars within our universe, personifying these qualities into characteristic that can be related to us humans. Specifically to our physical, mental, emotional aspects. I won’t go into the details, as for now I just want to emphasis the connection. For example Mars contains large amounts of metal. Oxidised Iron covers the surface of this planet, hence its red appearance. It is associated with war, military. Perhaps due to the use of metal to create weapons throughout the ages. Its qualities are; confidence, assertion, get things done, fearlessness. Comparing these qualities to the planets nature, you can perhaps see how these aspects have been associated with it.

So the cosmic qualities could be understood as already innate within us. As we are created from and exist with in the universe.

The families we are born into, people who we are drawn to and chose to connect with, is all part of a cosmic function. Energetically we are already acknowledging this connectedness. This is both conscious and unconscious.

We are emotionally, physically , mentally and spiritually being expanded, contracted, speed up slowed down, broken down and fused together. 

Spiritually, according to our individual levels of awareness and soul’s desires, the experience of our friendships (as well as other relationships) will often be so reflective of what is necessary for our transformation towards revealing our wholesome, powerful and loving truth. Really underneath our cultural relationship labels its the profound universal combination of qualities within us and that of the people around us, determining our relationship to them. Could it then be said that there is and always has been a purpose to all our various encounters. Its not my intention to romanticise things here, as i’ve mentioned earlier that the functions of the universe are often far from strolls in the park. They can be quite overwhelming and unpredictable. It would be of great benefit to anchor ourselves here to something more consistent, the centered you.

In our togetherness (of all the varied kinds; work, home, friends, travel etc) our individual cosmic combinations instinctually react to one another inevitably as part of the flow of things.

For instance your attraction to certain people or avoidance to others. It may not always be clear as to why. However these experiences are sensationally flavoured and mentally understood through our language. Statements like; I love you, you’re great, I don’t like that, tell me more, I’m bored. The dialogue is endless and reflective of our mental processes in relation to each relationship situation. Astrology has terms that describe the different qualities of the relationships and their variations. This helps us to understand ourselves and other. This understanding encourages further acceptance, healing and nurturing that help us deepen the quality of our connections to others.

Thinking back to the previously mentioned formation of a star. Lets liken ourselves to having the same qualities. Bringing our awareness to a simplified and potent core. Experiencing the connections to others from that ever powerful place of origin. By doing so we are not losing ourselves to the fixations on experiences, but are able to gain perspective of ourselves and others instead. Like the stars we have a powerful and creative center from which all possibilities emerge. From this position we can see the dance from a place of loving acceptance, trust, potential as well as acceptance of transformation.