Free 5 day Hormone Reset Challenge

Starting // 18th Sep // 19:30 BST

Our 5 day reset challenge is back LIVE! And this time it's hosted by not just me but Jo and Sarah too. Starting Monday 18th September, we will be hosting a live zoom call where we take your through 5 simple steps from my book Your Period Handbook, each night for 5 nights at 7:30pm BST. Don't worry if you can't commit to 5 nights in a row, you'll get recordings the morning after.

18th Sep; we'll look at the importance of charting your cycles with me

19th Sep; Sarah will teach you the 3 stages of stress and you'll take a test to discover what stage you're in right now

20th Sep; Jo will help you analyse how you spend your day and how it's affecting your nervous system

21st Sep; Sarah will explain the link between stress and your hormones and speak about the importance of connecting with your body so you can interpret it's symptoms

22nd Sep; Jo will be guiding you in choosing a new self-care habit so you can really target the thing that's most upsetting your hormones right now and begin the reset you've been looking for.

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